Head | Heart | Soul

What We Do

Our counseling services provide mental health services from an open-minded, safe, and non- judgmental place, that compassionately addresses concerns of adult individuals, couples, and groups who are seeking to redefine adverse perceptions, improve poor boundaries, behavior, coping skills and practices, discover optimal functioning levels, explore the ways one experiences connection, identity, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships that bring them joy. The consulting services are provided through our business solutions company Acquire Business and Staffing Solutions . We offer business collaboration, staffing solutions, business system development and support, administrative business resources, and print services.

Our wellness house supports holistic and sexual care in a safe respectful non-judgmental space that honors the whole person mind, body, and spirit. We provide health, wellness, and sex education, tools, resources, and workshops. We also have a Sensual Boutique compiled with our carefully selected holistic curated goods, crystals, and sensual adult novelties.

The training and development center offers capacity building and learning to support to develop and strengthen the skills, processes, and resources of individual and organizational to help them adapt, succeed, and thrive. We also provide access to resources, tools, and facilitate interactive lectures. We include but are not limited to the following focus areas mental health, gender, intimacy, sexuality, culturally sensitive practices, cultural leadership, health literacy, intersectionality, holistic wellness and more…